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ON THE PAST... "Back in 1997 I created a simple application in CF that presented a UI via the very first Web phone (the AT&T PocketNet Phone), and allowed me to turn on and off the lights and coffee maker in my house" ON THE PRESENT... "For the past few years I've spent a great deal of timing working on and thinking about the application of rich media, video, and media distribution technologies" "It's hard to think of a kind of Internet or Web application that ColdFusion couldn't be used for building" "most...institutions - learning institutions, government institutions, religious institutions, are augmenting the ways in which they organize, communicate, and behave based on the shifts and possibilities of the Internet" ON THE FUTURE... "Macromedia has a huge head-start [over Microsoft] in building both the runtimes and tools needed for this unique fusion of design, ... (more)

Beyond Java: The Metamorphosis of an Operating Platform

By most people's estimate, it's the fifth anniversary of Java. Five years ago, with Netscape in tow, Sun unveiled Java, declaring that the Java programming language would be the next Web revolution. At the time HotJava was the "killer app" for Java; more a proof of concept than a competitive browser platform, it demonstrated that there could be more to the Web than plain old HTML. Within a year all the major browser platforms included a 1.0 version of the Java Runtime and applets were considered the next big thing after plug-ins. Both, it turned out, were pretty much useless for... (more)

What's the Big Idea?

Over the past couple of years, an idea has emerged (some might argue it's an old idea) that software will be transformed into being used as services, rather than as monolithic applications tied to a specific machine or platform. Rather than install software onto computers every time we need some functionality, an end user or corporation can reuse other application assets over the network. The idea expands into the notion of just-in-time delivery of applications. "Software as services" is a big idea. It holds the promise of introducing radical new economies of scale into the manuf... (more)

Allaire CF, Java and JRun

On June 15 Allaire announced that it intended to acquire Live Software, makers of JRun, the leading server-side Java development and deployment server. With this acquisition Allaire also announced a broader strategy for embracing Java on the server, extending its leading Web application platform with a huge customer base and technology platform, and setting the stage for an integrated application server platform that combines the dominant tag-based rapid development model (CFML) with the dominant server-side object-oriented system programming language, Java. These perfect cousins... (more)

Java, XML and Web Syndication

Over the past year significant momentum has grown behind the unique intersection of two core Web platform technologies, Java and XML. Clearly, with Java emerging as the predominant Internet-system programming language and XML emerging as the dominant model for Internet data, these two technologies are bound to intersect in interesting ways. Indeed, almost without exception Java has been the primary reference implementation environment for emerging XML technologies such as XML and XSL parsers, as well as XML-centric object database systems. The meshing of these two key technologie... (more)